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The I & RS Team is a collaborative problem-solving group established to assist teachers with strategies to help students who are experiencing learning and/ or behavior problems within the school environment. The team is composed of school and district staff members who represent different areas of expertise and educational experiences.

 When a student is reviewed at an I&RS meeting, the student’s teacher briefly describes the reason she is asking for assistance from the I&RS team. Strategies that have been tried to alleviate the problem are identified. Members then brainstorm alternative intervention techniques and new or additional approaches are agreed upon. A time line and review date is established for implementing the recommendations and observing their effectiveness.

 Intervention and Referral Services Team Members for the 2023-2024 School Year: 

Mrs. Henry, Principal
Mrs. Hannen, School Counselor 
Mrs. Mathews, School Nurse
Mrs. Farina, 2nd Grade Teacher 
Mrs. Guido- Smith, BSI Instructor 
Mrs. Swanson, BSI Instructor 
Miss Mulligan, BSI Instructor
Miss Gutsulyak, School Social Worker 
Mrs. Finn, Speech Therapist 
Mrs. Gambogi, ESL Teacher