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What Does an Elementary Counselor Do?



1). Classroom guidance lessons- I visit each class once a month to teach lessons that focus on social-emotional learning. Each month of the school year is focused on a different topic. As of right now, here is the topic of the month schedule for the 2021-2022  year

    • September: Mindfulness
    • October: Emotional Identification and Regulation
    • November: Coping Skills 
    • December: Friendship 
    • January – Careers
    • February – Kindness
    • March – Empathy
    • April - Resilience 
    • May – Confidence/Adversity 

2).  Small group counseling- Lunch time counseling groups are usually available to all students. Due to COVID-19, groups are being held virtually. Topics that may be discussed include making friends, developing social skills, managing behavior, problem solving, building self-esteem, and many more!

3).  Individual counseling- Certain students may require individual counseling appointments to better address their needs. Please contact me if you feel your child would benefit from one on one counseling sessions. Keep in mind that outside counseling services may be recommended depending on the problem.

 4).  Community Resources- I coordinate with school staff and community resources to assist students and their families.

 5).  Crisis intervention and prevention- I serve on the emergency response team and respond if a crisis should occur on school grounds.

 6).  Intervention & Referral Services- I am the leader of the I&RS Team. If a student is having difficulty performing to their best ability their teacher may come to the Intervention & Referral Services Team for assistance. The I&RS team is a group of professionals who brainstorm interventions that can address the student and teacher's concern.

 7). 504 Plan Coordinator- I work with parents and teachers to support students who have medical diagnoses and who are in need of a 504 Accommodation Plan in school.