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Mrs. Christin Takacs » What's New In Kindergarten/ First

What's New In Kindergarten/ First

November flew by with the holiday, days off and half days.  It was a pleasure meeting with all the parents about your child's growth this year.  Here are some areas we covered in November:



-SRA and Fundations groups worked on sounds, reading words the fast and slow ways and rhyming.

 -Sight word readers- learning new sight words- reading and writing them in sentences.

-Comprehension- story action, "Think Along" strategies. 

-  Writing "like a scientist", telling more details, writing readable pieces 


- Number writing to 10.

-Focus on counting and identifying numbers 1-15.

-Identifying and making flat shapes

Social Studies-

- We had a wonderful kindergarten feast and learned to retell the story of the first Thanksgiving.

-Lesson focused on family and working together with friends. 


-SRA and Fundations groups focused on diagraphs, blending and reading longer words, developing fluency, and writing sentences.

-Sight words- writing, reading, spelling and use in sentences.

-Reading strategies- looking for patterns and asking what would make sense in that spot.

-Comprehension- problems and solutions, answering story questions independently

-Writing- Writing like a scientist, elaborating and revising to make your writing "readable"


-Completed Unit 3- focus on addition strategies

-The students are really enjoying our weekly Rocket Math quizzes!  They are excited to beat the clock! 

In December, we will move on to Unit 4 in 1st.  Grade 1 will focus on sharpening addition and subtraction knowledge, measurement and interpreting data.  Kindergarten will continue working on Unit 3 with a focus on teen numbers, comparing numbers, shapes and lengths and number writing.  We will begin Unit 4 at the end of the month. In reading, kindergarten will continue working on letters, sounds and blending sounds to read words.  Grade 1 will focus on double consonants and long vowel sounds.  Both grades will be celebrating holidays around the world.   


In September, the students spent time becoming familiar with classroom routines and establishing rules.  Morning meeting interactions enabled them to become better acquainted with one another. They learned about each other’s names, families, birthdays and more during the literacy/social studies block.  They also created “All About Me” self portraits or "Math About Me" projects. SRA and Fundations groups have begun with a focus on phonics, blending/ reading and writing letters or words.  Weekly sight word readers have also started.  After a week in their school book boxes, they will come home in their book baggies.  Reading workshop lessons helped the students learn about parts of books, directionality of text, how to be a good listener and thinking along with the text.  Writing workshop got students into writing routines, stretching out words, writing complete sentences/ small moment stories- 1 or labeling-K. The students are using ABC charts and working on being independent writers.  They learned to make one mark per word of intended text. In science, the students began to study the seasonal changes we see in the fall (K) and American Symbols (1). A seasonal highlight of each September is the celebration of Johnny Appleseed’s birthday and learning some interesting facts about this American folklore legend (K).  Math lessons incorporated the numbers 0-9 forwards and backwards, shape review, and graphing as a group (K).  First grade focused on counting/ identifying numbers to 100, shape and counting patterns. 

In October, the kindergarten students will be focusing on several letters of the week.  They will learn to recognize up to two/three weekly letters, print the letters, and identify and produce their sounds.  The students will begin to fill their class word wall with newly introduced sight words. They will continue to practice printing their names using the correct letter formations.  The concepts of reading and writing from top to bottom and left to right will be reinforced. In reading, students will begin to match words to pictures by observing first letters in words.  Students will apply what they know about letter sounds during their writing workshop unit, “Writing Labels", by using patterns to help them to write more simple words. In math, the following concepts will be reviewed and introduced: counting, using a “5 Frame”, and comparing numbers.  In science, the students will explore trees and weather changes. The kindergarteners are looking forward to their trip to Shady Brook Farm. There, they will pick pumpkins, go on a hayride, and meet some farm animals. They will learn about the important job of our community helper the firefighter when they visit a local firehouse.  Our month comes to a close with the celebration of Halloween. The children will participate in a school wide parade and a classroom party.

In October, the first graders will use reading strategies to decode unknown words.  They will focus on reviewing and or adding 5 new sight words per week.  They are reading daily to develop fluency.  In writing, the students will publish a small moment story.  Fundations lessons will focus on short vowel patterns at the start of the month and move to long vowel patterns towards the end of the month.  We will begin Unit 2 in EDM with a focus on addition and subtraction strategies.  Rocket math fact practice will begin in 2 weeks.  The students will be memorizing basic facts and work on knowing them in a "snap".  To close out the month, we will have a school wide parade and classroom party in celebration of Halloween.


In September, the students will spend time becoming familiar with classroom routines and establishing rules. Daily morning meetings will encourage them to become better acquainted with one another, as will our "All About Me" theme during the first couple weeks of school. Students will launch their reading and writing workshops, during which they will have opportunities to observe, practice, and share their learning about reading and writing. During social studies time, we will be studying American symbols.  Math lessons will incorporate number recognition, shapes and counting skills.  


Please check back at the end of each month for a recap of the previous weeks' learning as well as a preview of what is to come in the next month. We're so happy to welcome your young learners to kindergarten and first grade!