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What's New In Kindergarten

In April, the kindergarten students read different types of patterned texts and practiced using our

reading super powers as often as possible.  Featured authors were Laura Numeroff and Eric Carle. The students prepared to share their best examples of "How To" writing and began opinion.    Math lessons were focused on reviewing addition, subtraction, number stories, 3D shapes, and place value. The students enjoyed observing goldfish and guppies during our science unit.  They also studied cardinal directions on maps. The kindergarteners proudly shared their beautiful and creative art work with family members and the community during our school wide art event, and their enthusiasm for art carried over into many seasonal April crafts.    


As the kindergarten year quickly approaches the end, the students will be completing many units of study.  SRA and Fundations reading groups will continue to practice phonics skills. They will also continue to build on their sight word vocabulary and use reading strategies.  Writing instruction will feature a review of narrative story writing as well as completion of the opinion writing unit.  . In math, the kindergarteners will have a spiral review of all topics in order to prepare for year-end assessments.  In Social Studies, the children will learn about Memorial Day and the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo. In science, the students will continue to compare and contrast pairs of animals. A fun experience for the month will be a field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo to observe and learn even more about animals.  May will certainly be a learning-packed month!

January/ February Update

The kindergarten class had a great start to the new year.  A highlight was the wedding of letters Q and U, complete with vows, a ring, dancing, and a "quookie" reception.  The students concluded a narrative writing unit that culminated with "Share with a Bear Day".  They enjoyed reading to their bears and making/enjoying bear cookies.  Writing lessons at the end of the month introduced the students to “how to” writing.  They are enjoying teaching others how to do things step-by-step in their three page packets.  In reading, lessons guided us to use our "reading Super Powers" like pointer power, picture power, sound power, snap word power, persistence power, and more.  The classroom word wall continued to grow, and we broke down larger shapes and numbers into smaller ones.  We began to study “Materials and Motion” in science.  The students especially enjoyed changing the shape of wood by sanding and making their own plywood and particleboard.  In social studies, they learned about Dr. MartinLuther King, Jr. and connected his work to the unity word "fair".  


In February, the kindergarten students will begin the month with a celebration of Groundhog’s Day.  They will listen to stories about a famous groundhog, trace their shadows, and make predictions.  In February, the kindergarten students will also celebrate Valentine’s Day and the 100th Day of School.  They will continue to write how to books, practice reading nonfiction books,  and read patterns.  The children will practice skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to reach 100.  In social studies, songs, rhymes, and stories will help the students learn about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  They will also celebrate Chinese New Year with a lion dance assembly, dragon masks, fortune cookies, and noodles. It is certainly going to be a fun filled February!


Where We’ve Been


In November, the kindergarten students continued to practice writing lowercase letters and grew their sight word collection to over a dozen words! We’ve been practicing sharing new facts and interesting parts from our reading books and the students are sounding like reading pros reading from their book bins! Weekly writing lessons have focused on writing independently and getting details down on paper. It's been exciting to watch the children apply what they know about sight words and letter sounds to tell their stories!

During math activities, students explored teen numbers and number sequence and formation. In social studies, the kindergarten children used their direction-following skills to complete craft projects related to Thanksgiving read alouds. They culminated their study of the first Thanksgiving with a classroom feast. The children especially enjoyed wearing their costumes and retelling the story of the first Thanksgiving with their beaded “story bracelets”. Every bead stood for a different story event.


Where We’re Going

The month of December is going to keep the kindergarten students quite busy. They will continue using “reading super powers” while reading from leveled book baggies during reading workshop time. Writing of small moments narratives will continue, and we will finish working on lowercase letter formation. The children will review numeracy (reading, counting, and writing of numbers) skills and explore calculators. The “Monster Squeeze” game is a student favorite for comparing numbers. Social studies lessons will focus on winter holidays, and we will conclude our first trimester science unit, “Trees and Weather”.



Where We’ve Been…

In October, the kindergarten students continued to rhyme and review formation of two-three weekly letters. The students also continued to fill their word wall with newly introduced sight words. They are beginning to apply these letters and sight words more and more during reading and writing.

In math, the following concepts were reviewed and introduced: numbers 1-10, shape attributes, five frames, ten frames, simple addition and subtraction stories (no symbols yet) and patterns.

In science, the students “adopted” and even planted trees. They analyzed similarities and differences in trees and wrote notebook pages about their findings. Their trip to Shady Brook Farm was the perfect opportunity to see living things in a farm environment. We had such fun picking pumpkins and apples!

In social studies, students enjoyed learning firsthand about the role of a special community helper – the firefighter – during a visit from the Consolidated Firehouse. The Halloween parade and party provided the perfect conclusion to a fun and busy month.

Where We’re Going…

In November, the kindergarten students will continue to learn letter sounds, sight words, and have more in-depth letter blending instruction. They will continue to “picture read” class “star books” (classic stories) and actually read the words in appropriately-leveled books. Writing workshop lessons will focus on proper spacing between words and using correct letter formation while completing stories. During math activities, they will practice all October skills, building to include numbers into the teens.

The kindergarten children will use their direction following skills to complete turkey, pilgrim and Native American related craft projects. They will culminate their study of the first Thanksgiving with a classroom feast. What a wonderful way to close the month! We look forward to meeting with you at conferences.


In September, the kindergarten students spent time becoming familiar with classroom routines and establishing rules.  Morning meeting interactions enabled them to become better acquainted with one another.  They learned about each other’s names, families, birthdays and more during the literacy/social studies block.  They also created self portraits during these “All About Me” lessons.  They filled in clues about themselves to build "All About Me" riddles. Reading workshop lessons helped the kindergarteners learn about parts of books, directionality of text, and how to read with a partner.  Using the Fundations program, the students have been writing letters and practicing the keyword and sound associated with each letter.  In science, the students began to study the seasonal changes we see in the fall.  A seasonal highlight of each September is the celebration of Johnny Appleseed’s birthday and learning some interesting facts about this American folklore legend.  Math lessons incorporated the numbers 0-9 forwards and backwards, shape review, and graphing as a group. The kindergarteners had a great time using apple stickers to help review patterning skills.


In October, the kindergarten students will be focusing on several letters of the week.  They will learn to recognize up to three weekly letters, print the letters, and identify and produce their sounds.  The students will begin to fill their class word wall with newly introduced sight words.  They will continue to practice printing their names using the correct letter formations.  The concepts of reading and writing from top to bottom and left to right will be reinforced.  In reading, students will begin to match words to pictures by observing first letters in words.  Students will apply what they know about letter sounds during their writing block.  In math, the following concepts will be reviewed and introduced: counting, using a “5 Frame”, and comparing numbers.  In science, the students will explore trees and weather changes.  The kindergarteners are looking forward to their trip to Shady Brook Farm.  There, they will pick pumpkins, go on a hayride, and meet some farm animals.  They will learn about the important job of our community helper the firefighter when they visit a local firehouse.  Our month comes to a close with the celebration of Halloween.  The children will participate in a school wide parade and a classroom party.   Check our site at the end of the month for pictures of the learning fun!


Welcome to kindergarten! We're so excited to watch our school's youngest learners blossom as the year unfolds. Wait until you see the changes in the students' reading, writing, and math skills between now and June.   Not only will they make academic progress, but they will become part of our Clara Barton School community and make some wonderful new friends.


In September, the kindergarten students will spend time becoming familiar with classroom routines and establishing rules. Daily morning meetings will encourage them to become better acquainted with one another, as will our "All About Me" theme during the first couple weeks of school. Students will launch their reading and writing workshops, during which they will have opportunities to observe, practice, and share their learning about reading and writing. During science time, the students will investigate the season of fall and begin to learn about trees. Math lessons will incorporate the numbers 0-9 forwards and backwards, sorting, and patterning.


Please check back at the end of each month for a recap of the previous weeks' learning as well as a preview of what is to come in the next month. We're so happy to welcome your young learners to kindergarten!


The Kindergarten Team


Welcome to Kindergarten!  I hope your child is enjoying our first few days in school.  We have been busy learning new routines and meeting new friends.  Some of our activities included:
*Opening Centers
*Making graphs of our name and how we get home
*Name practice
*Shared reading books-  Pete the Cat Rockin In My School Shoes, David Goes to School and the Kissing Hand.
*Learning Morning Meeting Greeting and Games
These are just a few of the fun adventures we have been on in kindergarten!