Clara Barton Media Center

Our main goal as it is every year will be to find books that we love to read, books that help us transform from readers to book lovers.  You should all make sure you and your family have a library card with the Burlington County Library System. Click on that link, and you will be taken to the library main page. In the upper right corner click on "Apply for a card", and you can register. Best of all, it's free! You will have access to digital resources and ebooks, and of course good old fashioned physical books! I highly recommend taking advantage of this tremendous community service.
Also, you can click on the link below to access our keyboarding program: If you need help accessing the program from home, please reach out to me.
 I would like to suggest that we all read at least 20 minutes every day. The more we read, the better! Read by themselves, read to others, read with others. Read to your pets and babies! 
Parents, here is some information about reading with your kids: it is so important to do.


One of the best zoos anywhere, the San Diego Zoo has a TON of live webcams to observe what's going on. Check it out!
Switch Zoo has plenty of games to keep kids occupied. Parents will appreciate the fact that kids are learning as they play.  Kids will delight in making their own animal, building the right habitats, and a great deal more. There are also educational resources that parents may want to tap into to help their child learn even more.
You don't have to load up the minivan to visit the American Museum of Natural History. The museum's site for kids, Ology, lets them explore anthropology, astronomy, biodiversity, and more with games, projects, stories, and ideas for making a difference in the world around them.
It's always a beautiful day in the neighborhood with Mr. Rogers.