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There are many good reasons for having homework.  Here are a few:

  • To help establish good study habits
  • To develop a sense of responsibility
  • To practice and reinforce concepts and skills
  • To complete work not finished in class
  • To make up work if you are absent 




  • Please continue to Read every night 
  • **Please read 1 hour per week or 10 min per night
  • Mon-sort, write words
  • Math-  HL p. 63
  • Rocket Math (N,O)
  • Tues-Triangle Words
  • Math-  HL p.65
  • Wed-Pick 6 words to write in a sentence
  • Math-HL p. 67
  • Thurs- phonics review 
  • Math- HL p. 69
  • Friday- No Homework
Long ui, u_e, ue
glue, suit, tune, rule, blue, flute, tube, June, mule, true, fruit
Challenge List
salute, cruise, amuse, argue, bruise, conclude, rescue, huge, spruce, value, fuse
Sight Words to Study-