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Mrs. Planas' Kindergarten

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In November, our class learned about the first Thanksgiving, its meaning and traditions.  We disguised a turkey to save it from being the main course at our Thanksgiving feast, and enjoyed a Thanksgiving Feast of our own!  Reader's Workshop lessons helped the students learn about parts of books, and the elements of a story.  We practiced re-telling and finding the characters, setting and events of stories we read.  In Writer's Workshop we continued to draw detailed illustrations, write labels and began to write sentences in our Show and Tell unit.   In science, the students studied materials & motion, learning about wood, paper, fabric and forces of motion (push and pull).  Math lessons incorporated the numbers 0-9 forwards and backwards, shapes review, and graphing as a group.

In December, the kindergarten students will become Reading Superheroes as we study the reading powers we can use to decode words.  The students will continue to fill their class word wall with newly introduced sight words.    In Writer's Workshop we will look at how sentences are structured and begin writing all the sounds we can hear in our words and explore forming sentences to tell about our illustrations.  We will focus on Social Studies in December, looking at holidays and traditions our families celebrate as well as some of those celebrated around the world.  We will also learn the difference between things we need and things we want as the holiday season approaches!