Clara Barton Elementary School

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What's New in Kindergarten


From April to May in Kindergarten


Where We’ve Been…


In April, the kindergarten students read different types of patterned texts and practiced being “avid readers” who read as often as possible.  Featured authors were Laura Numeroff and Eric Carle. They shared poetry from home for Poetry Month, and they prepared to share their best examples of opinion writing.    Math lessons were focused on reviewing addition, subtraction, number stories, 3D shapes, and place value. The students enjoyed observing goldfish and guppies during our science unit.  They also practiced using cardinal directions on maps. The kindergarteners proudly shared their beautiful and creative art work with family members and the community during our school wide art event, and their enthusiasm for art carried over into many seasonal April crafts.    


Where We’re Going…


As the kindergarten year quickly approaches the end, the students will be completing many units of study.  Guided reading groups will continue to practice sounding out words and using picture clues. They will also continue to build on their sight word vocabulary.  Word sorts will progress to include initial consonant blends. Writing instruction will feature a review of narrative story writing. In math, the kindergarteners will have a spiral review of all topics in order to prepare for year-end assessments.  In Social Studies, the children will learn about Memorial Day and the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo. In science, the students will continue to compare and contrast pairs of animals. A fun experience for the month will be a field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo to observe and learn even more about animals. May will certainly be a learning-packed month!