Clara Barton Elementary School

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What's New in Kindergarten


Welcome to kindergarten!  We're so excited to watch our school's youngest learners blossom as the year unfolds. Wait until you see the changes in the students' reading, writing, and math skills between now and June.   Not only will they make academic progress, but they will become part of our Clara Barton School community and make some wonderful new friends.


In September, the kindergarten students will spend time becoming familiar with classroom routines and establishing rules.  Daily morning meetings will encourage them to become better acquainted with one another, as will our "All About Me" theme during the first couple weeks of school.  Students will launch their reading and writing workshops, during which they will have opportunities to observe, practice, and share their learning about reading and writing.  During science time, the students will investigate the season of fall and begin to learn about trees. Math lessons will incorporate the numbers 0-9 forwards and backwards, sorting, and patterning.  


Please check back at the end of each month for a recap of the previous weeks' learning as well as a preview of what is to come in the next month.  We're so happy to welcome your young learners to kindergarten!


The Kindergarten Team