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Connections Mentoring

The Connections Mentoring Program at Clara Barton School gives students the opportunity to be paired with an adult mentor. A mentor is a trusted friend, a guide, a good listener, and a responsive and reliable adult. Mentors provide the child with another listening ear to offer additional motivation or to assist the child with a specific need, such as improving self-esteem. Through weekly mentoring sessions, students experience emotional, social or academic support in a familiar school setting, which enhances their opportunity for school success.

"Connections" involves community members in our school, which leads to an increased sense of partnership between the school and the community. All mentors are adult community member volunteers or Bordentown Regional School District faculty members. Mentors and mentees will be selected and matched based on the mentee's gender and mutual interests.


The goal of the program is for the mentors to provide a positive, interactive relationship with each child. By the use of discussion and fun activities, a mentor encourages positive choices, promotes high self-esteem and supports academic achievement.


Mentors and mentees will meet one time per week for a half an hour. Meetings will take place during each child's lunch period so that they do not miss any instructional time. 



A mentor may help a child:


  • Plan a project for school or help with homework.
  • Think through a problem or deal with day-to-day worries.
  • Make positive choices.
  • Improve their self-esteem.
  • Relate to all kinds of people and strengthen communication skills.



A Research Brief published by Child Trends found that youth who participated in mentoring relationships experience a number of positive benefits.


  • Mentored youth have better attendance; a better chance of going on to higher education; and better attitudes toward school.
  • Mentoring appears to help reduce some negative youth behaviors.
  • Mentoring promotes positive social attitudes and relationships.