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Melissa Benson » Welcome to Mrs. Benson's Basic Skills Webpage

Welcome to Mrs. Benson's Basic Skills Webpage

I'm looking forward to meeting with you during Parent-Teacher Conferences. Since I work at both MacFarland and Clara Barton, I am splitting my conference time between the two schools. Please note my schedule:

-Thursday, November 15th: CBS 2:00-4:30 (room 205) and MIS 4:45-7:00 (room 317)

-Monday, November 19th: MIS 2:00-4:30 (room 317) and CBS 4:45-7:00 (room 205)


My first grade pull-out group and I have been working hard on tapping out consonant-vowel-consonant words to read them. They're also tapping out words to spell them. Writing the correct vowels has been the most challenging so far. Please make sure you're reading at home with your children and have them show you how they're tapping out words in school. 


In second grade, my students and I are working on decoding tricky words with strategies and then rereading the sentence or part of the book the tricky word was in. We're also rereading books to help with fluency. We've been discussing the text we read and focusing currently on character traits and how characters change.