Clara Barton Elementary School

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Mr. Jenkins Classroom


Welcome to my awesome little site on CBS.   The transition process over the last three weeks has been excellent!  Besides learning our new routines, here is what your children have been learning.

Writers Workshop:  The student worked hard on brainstorming a small moments narrative.  Tomorrow, 12/2/2016, we should finishing up with our final drafts.

Language Arts: Tomorrow will be their first spelling quiz.  The test is with words that have a "short a" sound.   We also learned about common and proper nouns.

Readers Workshop: We read books above, below, and on their level.  Each student is reading about two books in a 30 minute span.  We also discussed how readers grow stronger, by reading more. 

Starting Monday, we will start our Science unit on Earth Changes.  

Math: We began Unit 3 and working on adding/subtracting numbers within 20.  We also introduce money and measurements.  

Before I sign off, I just want to say thank you for your help as I transition into the lead teacher position.

-Mr. Jenkins