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Mr. Jenkins Classroom

Week of  Nov 5, 2017

We have a short week due to teacher's convention.  

Writer's Workshop: We are expanding on our personal narratives by revising and editing.  We're going to be illustrating and coming up with titles.

Spelling: homework will be place in their folders.

Group A is working on Homophones: so, sew, not, knot, wood, would, write, right, piece, peace.

Monday's homework: pg 61

Tuesday's homework: pg 63

Group B is working on inflected endings: making, shining, hiked, having,hoped, skated, hiding, baked, diving, riding.

Monday's homework: pg 41

Tuesday's homework: pg 43

Group C is working words with bl, gl, and pl: plum, glass, bloom, glow, glad, plan, block, plot, glove, plant.

Monday's homework: pg 41

Tuesday's homework: pg 43


Science:  We're still on investigation 2 of Water and Climate.  We're experimenting with making thermometers and the effects of hot and cold water.  They can study and play games by using the following: Login: experiments Password: scientist






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October 13: UPDATES !!!!!

Writers and Readers Workshop:  We are working on personal narratives.  The students have learned four different ways to begin their stories (leads).  Students have also been placed in specific reading and spelling groups.

Science:  This week our 3rd graders began learning about Water and Climate.  We started our first investigation on how water is affected by different surfaces.

Starting next week, I will be posting the spelling words or grammar work for the week.  This month we will be getting ready to pick one of our narratives and stretch it out into a longer story.    



-Mr. Jenkins