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What's New in Kindergarten


May into June in Kindergarten


Where We’ve Been


          During the month of May, the kindergarten students read a variety of Mo Willems' books to study author's craft, or style features. The children got to apply what they found in these stories during writing workshop, when they wrote their own stories to review narrative features.  Word study centered around words beginning with consonant blends.  In math, they grouped tens and ones to form two digit numbers.  They also colored spaces on "tens frames" to show place value.  Addition and subtraction were also reviewed.  The kindergarten students concluded their study of magnets this month.  The Smart Max and MagnaTiles magnetic building pieces were favorites!  Another highlight was our Cinco de Mayo celebration at the beginning of the month.  The students' favorite part of May, however, was likely their field trip to the Garden State Discovery Museum.  The children enjoyed a great variety of interactive exhibits as well as an attention-grabbing show about the science behind bubbles.


          It is hard to believe that kindergarten will soon be coming to an end.  This last month will surely be a busy one.  During the month of June, the students will apply their reading skills by informally performing "readers' theater" scripts.  Math activities will review concepts from the kindergarten year, and students will begin to draw maps.  Additional weekly themes will focus on the ocean and summer fun.  Everyone is looking forward to our kindergarten musical performance, Kindergarten Through the Year.  Each kindergarten student will receive a certificate at this time.  What a perfect way to end the school year!