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What's New in Kindergarten


From October to November in Kindergarten


Where We’ve Been…

In October, the kindergarten students continued to rhyme and review formation of two-three weekly letters.  The students also continued to fill their word wall with newly introduced sight words.  They are beginning to apply these letters and sight words more and more during reading and writing workshop.  This month, we celebrated the conclusion of our first workshop units.  By month’s end, the kindergarten students were happily sharing their “nature books” decked out in lab coats.  Come see their favorite science books in the hallway!

In math, the following concepts were reviewed and introduced: numbers 1-10, shape attributes, five frames, ten frames, simple addition and subtraction stories (no symbols yet) and patterns. 

In science, the students “adopted” and even planted trees.  They analyzed similarities and differences in trees and wrote notebook pages about their findings.  Their trip to Shady Brook Farm was the perfect opportunity to see living things in a farm environment.  We had such fun picking pumpkins and apples!

In social studies, students enjoyed learning firsthand about the role of a special community helper – the firefighter – during a visit from the Consolidated Firehouse.  The Halloween parade and party provided the perfect conclusion to a fun and busy month.

Where We’re Going…

In November, the kindergarten students will continue to learn letter sounds, sight words, and have more in-depth letter blending instruction.  They will continue to “picture read” class “star books” (classic stories) and actually read the words in appropriately-leveled books.  Writing workshop lessons will focus on proper spacing between words and using correct letter formation while completing stories.  During math activities, they will practice all October skills, building to include numbers into the teens.

The kindergarten children will use their direction following skills to complete turkey, pilgrim and Native American related craft projects.  They will culminate their study of the first Thanksgiving with a classroom feast.  What a wonderful way to close the month!  We look forward to meeting with you at conferences.