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CBS Health & Physical Education

Welcome back to another year at CBS! As many of you must already feel, the excitement in the air is contagious and I am eager to provide another successful school year in our Health and Physical Education programs. While your child's teachers, classmates, and grade levels have changed, much has stayed the same in the Health & Physical Education programs. We will continue to explore lessons that are both challenging physically and mentally, while providing a nurturing environment that encourages acceptance, critical thinking, free thought, and skill development.


Parents, please note the days that your child has Physical Education so that they can be prepared for class. This includes comfortable clothing and SNEAKERS. Crocs, Keens (sandal shoes), Uggs, flip flops, flats, dress shoes, and boots will not be acceptable forms of footwear. If a child is not wearing sneakers to PE, they will not be allowed to participate.  Students who do not participate will fill out a Non-Participant worksheet.  If this happens three times in a marking period, they must bring their latest sheet home to be signed by a parent.  They will continue to sit out during PE until this sheet is signed and brought back to school.  If this begins to happen on a more regular basis, it can affect their grade.


As a look into what we will be covering in Physical Education this month, all grade levels will be working towards becoming more familiar with our daily routines and procedures. This will serve as the foundation for the learning and exploration that will take place this year. In addition to this, all grades will be participating in various cooperative learning activities to help promote teamwork, communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution.


Third graders will have health once a week for the entire school year while, first and second grade will have health once a week for half the year. Kindergarten will not be attending health classes. To start off the year, we will be developing an understanding of self-image, communication, decision making, and goal setting.


Mr. Mahoney



Monthly Updates



In P.E. classes in grades 1-3 are working through their culminating teamwork activity: Capture the Flag.  In this game, players are put on teams to work together to capture the other team's flags and keep them as their own.  This activity helps all players exhibit the teamwork skills we have worked on through our teamwork unit.  They include: collaboration, problem solving, conflict resolution, communication, perseverance, strategy and brainstorming ideas.  Kindergartners are playing a game similar to this that helps them to master the same skills.  Next, all students in all grade levels will become immersed in a comprehensive fitness unit.


In health, second and third graders finished up a unit on decision making.  In this, we explored the process of analyzing the outcomes of choices and learning from the decisions we make.  They are now working through a unit on goal setting in which they are developing their own goals, creating steps that they can follow to reach their goals and analyzing the importance of short and long term goals.  First graders are beginning to work through a unit on conflict resolution in which they are developing the skills necessary to solve problems quickly while being clear with their emotions, wants and needs.


Our P.E. character tree is up outside the gym!  After each P.E. class I choose the students that I feel best exemplify good character.  These students will write their name on a leaf and hang it out on our tree.  This is a great motivator for our students and it helps to refocus our energies on good character every day!


Our students are showing great effort and we encourage them to keep up the good work!  Thank you parents for all that you do to supports your children in this effort!




Mr. Mahoney






As we are getting back into the swing of things, our PE and Health students at Clara Barton are experiencing tremendous amounts of success.  Everyone is beginning to become more familiar with the daily procedures and expectations, while growing in many avenues.  I am enjoying having the opportunity to interact with old and new faces as I plan for future lessons that I know the kid’s will get a lot out of.

Physical Education

In Physical Education, all grades have focused on following directions and staying “focused” when listening to directions and performing activities.  This focused nature is allowing everyone involved the opportunity to perform activities and skills at a high level, while remaining focused and centered.  This will continue to be our focus for the remainder of the year.   Most recently, we have begun our Cooperative Learning unit.  Through this, we will explore activities that will help us work on life skills such as, communication, cooperation, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and conflict resolution.  These groups of lessons will act as a foundation for team games and activities in the remainder of the year.


In the beginning of the year, we talked about our emotions regarding school and how these emotions can affect how much we enjoy school.  We discussed the importance of accepting these emotions, regardless of what they are, and understanding that we are not the only ones that may feel that way.  Most recently, our health lessons have centered on having a positive self-image and developing appropriate communication skills.  Classes have discussed the importance of having a positive self-image and how it can affect us and others.  Learning correct communication skills has allowed us to diffuse problems before they arise and become more assertive when explaining our needs and feelings.  In future lessons, we will explore decision making, goal setting, and conflict resolution.

Remember to check back from time to time for the latest happenings in Health and PE.  As always, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call with any questions, comments, or concerns!




Mr. Mahoney