Clara Barton Elementary School

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Welcome to Third Grade



Our Schedule:

Monday: Physical Education (wear sneakers)

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Library (return books)/ Health

Friday: Physical Education (wear sneakers)


Dates to Remember:



April 7: Pretzel Day/ School Spirit Day

April 10-13: Half Days 12:40 Dismissal

April 10 & 12: Parent Conferences

April 14-23: Spring Break

April 27: Take Your Child to Work Day

April 28: Country Western Day

May 1-5: PARCC Testing 


Classroom News:

Below you will find the topics and skills that we are focusing on this month:

Language Arts:

  • Guided Reading Groups: Students will begin reading stories in small leveled reading groups.  We will be working on comprehension strategies, accuracy, and fluency. 
  • Vocabulary: Along with learning new vocabulary during reading groups, students will also continue to learn a Word of the Week.
  • Spelling/ Word Study: Students will work on identifying and sorting words based on their spelling patterns/ features.
  • Grammar: similes, metaphors, idioms
  • Writing: During writing workshop, students will continue adapting and writing fairy tales.  Lessons will focus on developing character and storyline, balancing action and dialogue, adding refrains, elaborating with details, teaching a lesson, and adding paragraphs.
            Reading: During reading workshop, students will work in research groups to study nonfiction texts about animals.  They will gather information on subtopics, synthesize across texts, draw conclusions,  and build vocabulary.


Practice multiplication facts daily!


  • Unit 7: Fractions
  • Number Stories with Measurement
  • Fractions on a Number Line
  • Comparing Fractions
  • Fractions of Collections


Science:  Chemistry

  • Students have begun working with mystery chemicals.  They will be observing, collecting data, and completing experiments with mixtures and reactions.

Social Studies:

  • Current Events; Holidays
  • Maps and Globes: Route Maps