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Ms. Medici's Third Grade News


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During the month of November, the third grade students will continue to practice good writing habits during Writer’s Workshop.  Mini-lessons will be based around The Art of Information Writing; organizing information, considering structures, studying mentor texts in search for elaboration strategies, making connections within and across chapters, balancing facts and ideas, researching facts and ensuring text accuracy, creating effective introductions/conclusions, setting goals, using text features, and punctuation with paragraphs.


During Word Study lessons, students will continue to identify and sort words based on their spelling patterns/features.  Three word study lists focus around suffixes that change word meanings, homophones, long vowel pairs,  past tense verb spellings, as well as determining vowel to consonant counts and locations within words. 


For the Reading Workshop block, students will continue to meet in small groups with the teacher to work on comprehension (author’s purpose, story mapping, predicting, visualizing, questioning, connecting, character traits, drawing conclusions, inferring, cause/effect relationships, fact/opinion, main idea/supporting details, summarizing), vocabulary building, fluency, and decoding skills. 


Additionally, a Unit on reading Expository Text will begin.  In the first bend of the unit, students will determine importance in expository text.  Mini-lessons will introduce text features found within nonfiction books, previewing nonfiction by identifying the parts and thinking about how the book seems like it will go, summarizing important information while reading, grasping main ideas by organizing information into categories, teaching others about topics through the use of main ideas and supporting details, along with analyzing reading skills and setting new goals. 


Everyday Math Lessons will continue to strengthen students’ multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction skills.  Throughout the month, the students will find missing numbers and rules in “What’s My Rule?” tables, estimate costs using mental math, use partial-sums addition and column addition, review counting-up subtraction and expand-and-trade subtraction, explore bar graphs, area, and partitioning rectangles, create scaled picture graphs, discover the multiplication squares, begin a fact strategy journal, apply the turn-around rule for multiplication, develop the adding-a-group strategy for solving unknown multiplication facts, develop the subtracting-a-group strategy, and use all four operations to generate equivalent names for numbers.


A Science unit on Water and Climate will continue throughout November.  Students will have experiences to explore the properties of water, the water cycle and weather, interactions between water and other earth materials, and how humans use water as a natural resource.